Top Advantages of Opting for Plastic-free Packaging


    With the intensity of global warming going on, brands and companies are gradually shifting their packaging methods to green packaging, which means using biodegradable packaging materials instead of the traditional plastic packaging. There are lots of advantages of not using plastic as a packaging material. Some are listed below

    Can be Easily Disposed

    Plastic cannot be disposed of or turned into compost. But materials such as paper and jute can be recycled and turned into compost if further use is not required.

    It is Biodegradable

    Materials apart from plastic such as paper, jute, and plant fiber can be easily biodegraded. The action of nature is much easier on them due to the relatively simple nature. On the other hand, plastic cannot be biodegraded for years due to its complex structure. 

    Helps in Improving Brand Value

    Using eco-friendly packaging shows the brand’s aesthetics and also displays the care for nature. Recent reports say that most age groups prefer brands that use eco-friendly packaging instead of plastic packaging. 

    Reduces Plastic Usage

    The direct usage of plastic is reduced when other eco-friendly materials are used for packaging. The traditional plastic packaging causes substantial amounts of pollution and litter and is seen to have adverse effects on health.

    Reduces Carbon Footprint

    Using plastic for packaging increases the net carbon footprint on the environment. Instead, using eco-friendly packaging materials have shown results of reduced carbon footprint and carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere, thus making a brand or organization environment-friendly.

    Saves Unnecessary Expenses

    Using paper for packaging is seen to be way more cost-efficient than using plastic. Processing plastic packaging needs different machines, thus increasing expenses. On the flip side, paper or other eco-friendly packaging materials need relatively less processing, thus saving some extra bucks.

    Reduces Costs for Shipping

    Eco-friendly packaging materials are quite affordable. Since the costs for raw materials are reduced, shipping costs go down automatically.

    Highly Versatile

    Eco-friendly materials are very versatile and can be recycled and reused numerous times. They can be easily restructured and reframed thus giving a creative look to the packaging every time something is packed.

    Provides Sustainability

    Eco-friendly packaging materials follow the three basic Rs of sustainability. Eco-friendly materials can be reduced, reused, and recycled, thus providing added sustainability to the environment. 

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