How to Get Your Imports Cleared at Customs Swiftly and Without Any Hassle?


You’ll always need reliable customs brokers to import goods into Canada. That’s because importing goods into Canada requires a lot of documentation. Besides, there are a lot of laws and regulations that have to be met so that the cargo isn’t held back at customs. It’s only the experience and skills of customs brokers that eliminate custom-related delays on imported goods. However, what’s important here is hiring licensed brokers. Only licensed customs brokers working at firms like Clearit Canada are able to provide vivid services that actually make importing swift and hassle free.

Now that you know experience counts, it’s time that you also learn what makes firms like Clearit Canada so successful. Have a look at the most prominent reasons below.

  1. They Are Easy To Approach

You can easily register and upload all the necessary shipment details by creating a login account on their website. Once past that, you get a personal agent who looks into the list of uploaded documents and makes sure there’s nothing amiss. The most important details that they need are listed below.

  • ITN/AES number
  • Purchase bill
  • Commercial invoice
  • Shipping reference number
  • Value of the cargo in CAD
  • Lading bill
  • Packing list
  1. They Offer Services for Resident as well as Non Resident Importers, both

Whilst importing into Canada is a bit easier for resident importers considering the fact that they’re present in the country, it’s actually much more challenging for non resident importers to enter the Canadian market. However, with the clearit NRI program, the problems can be tackled easily. You get the following services as an NRI with Clearit.

  • You handle the supply chain.
  • You choose the selling price of your goods.
  • The selling price can be rounded up by adding the import taxes you had to pay. Customers will still buy from as long as they don’t have to deal with customs.
  1. They Have Transparent Pricing Policy

Since they have nothing to hide from their customers, they openly declare their prices on their website.

  • They charge $125 CAD for ITN.
  • They charge $389.99 CAD for overall services, including ITN generation.

Other pricing details are mentioned on their website –

  1. They offer Transportation Services Post Clearance at Customs

You can contact them to get your goods reach their final destination once they’re cleared at customs. They offer multiple final delivery services at unbeatable prices.

All in all, they can tackle everything that’s directly and indirectly related to imports. All you have to do is take their advise and make the payment.