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Thread Gauge Sourcing – Requirements vs Supplier Matching


Do you need to purchase metric thread gauges or any other type of thread gauge for your product manufacturing unit? As a product manufacturing company you will be in regular need of various inspection tools including thread gauges. You may need to source more than one type of thread gauges for your manufacturing unit. In order to make the entire sourcing process hassle free, you need to match your requirements with the right supplier. Here are a few tips on requirements-supplier matching.

The starting point of any trapezoidal thread gauge and other thread gauges is a clear understanding of your own requirements. Until you have complete clarity on your requirement, you cannot proceed to the next step in the sourcing process. You need to ask yourself a few crucial questions that will help you gain clarity on your requirements.

What are the different types of thread gauges do you need? In any given manufacturing setting, more than one type of thread gauge will be needed. You should know how many types of thread gauges you need and what they are. When you are matching your supplier or manufacturer with your requirements, you will have to find out who is the best fit in terms of meeting all your requirements under one roof. You should not be forced to look for multiple manufacturers. Dealing with multiple manufacturers could lead to many challenges; you will have to follow up with many suppliers at the same time and it will only complicate the entire sourcing scenario. Find a supplier that is capable of handling all types of thread gauge requirements.

The next step is to find a manufacturer that is ready to handle your order volume. It could be that you have a very low order volume or you have bulk requirements. Either way, your manufacturer should be ready to work with you. Some of the manufacturers will have very strict minimum order quantities. You may not be able to meet such minimum order requirements and would be forced to place a higher volume order and get your funds locked on to the thread gauges. At times you may want to place a high volume order and your manufacturer would have maxed out and unable to handle such high volume orders. You need to first understand your manufacturer’s maximum manufacturing capacity before you select them so that when your requirements scale up you do not have to look for a new manufacturer all over again. All these factors have to be taken into account when you are initially screening itself so that you could avoid all unnecessary complications down the line.

Finally, will your manufacturer be able to handle custom thread gauge orders for the volumes you need? Even before you send your requirements for quote you should send them the numbers required and the frequency at which you need them to get their assurance that they are ready and capable of manufacturing custom thread gauges for your current and future requirements.