Where Do I Put My Photos For Sale?


Everyday, new sites appear offering themselves as intermediaries to sell your photos on the internet. This does not mean that you should upload your catalogue as soon as you are done editing with https://photolemur.com since that would take you a long time, but it would be good to select 4 or 5 agencies with which you can work comfortably, at least initially.

Below, I have prepared a list of the best microstock:

Adobe Stock

Adobe almost needs no introduction. Your requirements: images in JPEG format, sRGB colour space, minimum image resolution: 4 MP and maximum 100 MP (megapixels), the maximum file size of 45 MB (megabytes), do not include watermarks or timestamps, nor increase the resolution of the files; send the maximum file size that the camera can produce. They offer 33% of the profits, and you start to collect from $ 25 of sale.

Getty Images

One of the main sales banks, with more than 1.5 million clients in 200 countries. You download their application (Contributor by Getty Images) to upload a sample between 3 and 6 photos, and they can choose you (or not) to collaborate with Getty Images or Istock (also from the same company).


Another major image bank to sell. As a curiosity, they give you clues of the content that they recommend uploading according to what time.


The image requirements are 1GB maximum file size in JPEG / RGB, with the best compression quality and at least 3 Mpx resolution. Depending on the amount of sale you can receive between 25-50% profit. You can collect from $ 100.


More than five million buyers are a good reason to keep this agency in mind when selling your photos. You receive between 30% – 60% commission for each license sold.