What Insurance Virtual Assistants can do for you


As an insurance agency owner, you wear many hats to keep everything working smoothly and efficiently. All those paperwork and customer queries can get overwhelming, not to mention you need to pay attention to responsibilities that can grow your company. If you need help taking administrative tasks off your hands, an insurance virtual assistant can take them for you.

The virtual assistants insurance agencies hire are tasked with working on a variety of minor work that would normally take too much of your time, such as:

Handle Inbound Calls

Insurance agencies receive plenty of calls from their customers for many different reasons. Handling so many calls while you’re busy doing something else is nearly impossible, although you have options for managing them.

Some methods of handling inbound phone calls are obsolete and may be expensive. For instance, you can utilize the old Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) that lets your callers get a list of menu items they can select by pressing a number, but this is not customer-friendly. Hiring an employee is better; however, this may increase your costs.

Instead of going for the ideas above, choose to partner with a virtual assistant. You can reroute inbound calls to them and have them answer for you: no more poor customer service and worries about the lengthy hiring process.

Manage your Emails

We are willing to bet your emails are flooded all the time. These emails may come from your customers, carriers, marketers, other clients, and perhaps even scammers like the infamous Nigerian Prince trying to offer you an exorbitant amount of wealth. Mountains of unopened emails are a pain to look at and could affect your productivity. 

Responding to certain emails is already difficult, and organizing them according to priority can be a headache. You need to determine which emails are worth a response and which should be deleted. That is when your virtual assistant steps in.

An insurance virtual assistant can manage your emails, such as organization, acknowledgment, deleting scams, unsubscribing from solicitor emails, and achieving inbox zero. 

Develop your Website

Like many other agencies, developing your website is paramount to the growth of your insurance agency. Your website determines whether your prospective clients will purchase from you, and it is important to leave a good impression to make sales. Plenty of skills, time, and IT knowledge are required to build an efficient site, but you might not have these factors readily on hand.

Many virtual assistants are well-versed in the basics of website development. Instead of taking the helm in making changes to your site, hand the role over to your VA, and soon enough, your site will receive the necessary updates for improvement.

There are many more tasks an insurance virtual assistant can perform for you, and there is only one way to find out. Let us start by booking a reliable virtual assistant from VIVA Virtual Solutions. Check out their website and schedule a consultation today!