The Cash Discount Merchant Processing Works for You Now


Credit cards are indispensable nowadays. A large part of people use this device daily. However, behind the transactions there is a large card processing system. The transactions involve the establishment that offered the product or service, the bank and the person who is making the purchase of the product. As you know how to become a merchant account provider you can get the right options there as well.

The Payment window allows you to record payments made to suppliers. To enter a payment, proceed as follows:

  • On the Suppliers tab, Transactions group, click Payment. The Select Supplier window appears.
  • In the list, double-click on the appropriate supplier. The Payment window appears.
  • In the upper part of the window, the fields display the information associated with the supplier record and the payable. In the Date field, today’s date is proposed by default.
  • In the Invoices group, check the transaction (s) to be paid. The amount of each transaction is displayed in the Payment column and the amount of the discount in the Discount column.
  • If required, check the following boxes: Print statement, Send statement by email and Print check.
  • If the selected payment method is Check or Direct deposit, the Pay Now window appears.
  • In the Number field, the check number is proposed in order to respect a series of check numbers for the bank account. This field is displayed if the previously selected payment method is Check.
  • If required, check the following boxes: Print statement, Send statement by email and Print check.
  • Click on OK. Depending on the boxes checked, the check can be printed and the statement sent by email.

The card processing occurs in the following way:

Making a purchase via credit card machine, the device sends the encrypted data to the payment gateway. This system can facilitate communication between the machine and accredit it, checking if the payment is viable or not. After that, the transaction data are forwarded to the bank’s processor, in this case, the seller’s bank. The latter, in turn, is responsible for transferring the transaction to the credit card exchange, which aims to communicate between the seller’s bank and the customer’s card issuing bank.

In card processing, if the transaction is denied, the machine will report the error related to the specific problem, among which are:

  • Unauthorized sale
  • Security code is invalid
  • Suspicious financial transactions.

The Right Choice

Looking for a company that offers a card processing system that gives the establishment proper support can prevent different weather conditions, for example, cloned cards, attempts at scams in the establishment, among other things.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that card processing can work with the most varied credit card brands and, in this way, is able to provide quality support to a larger number of establishments, whether small, medium or large.

Last Words

It is important to find a quality company to offer well-done support when it comes to card processing. That is why it is essential to do market research. This research can show that the right company is repurchases.