Result-driven Lead Generation Approaches For 2022


The B2B market is getting more and more customer centric as the year’s pass. Therefore, the lead-generating strategy needs to change with customers’ interests and behavior in mind. The modern customer is smart and makes purchase decisions in a complicated way. Therefore, develop every strategy with customers in mind. The moment you understand target audience behavior, there are multiple ways to engage them. 

Luuminate offers a Singapore-based company directory to find leads that are qualified and transformable. The online directory helps find consumers find their B2B or B2C target leads, discover distributors and suppliers at low cost, locate companies that down-sell or upsell your niche products and even locate partners in the relevant industry for joint-venture. 

What is the result driven B2B lead generation approaches for 2022?

The lead generation process experiences specific challenges like personalization, qualified lead generation, conversion, and the sales deal trapped in a pipeline. A professional team can help to address these challenges as well as execute effective lead generation strategies. From COVID-19 all through 2021, businesses have experienced unprecedented transformations. Therefore, B2B approach needs to be re-established and to do this use the following lead generation strategies to reinforce your digital marketing efforts. 

Be consumer-centric

Rather than thinking about how to sell, use the concept, ‘Consumer is king’. Therefore, gather as much information as you can about your potential customers including their location and social media channels used. The next step is to tailor your sales strategy, accordingly. Offer them solutions they come searching for. 

Address their challenges and offer them direct answers via various modes. Customers get the feel of a personalized solution they came seeking in the market. The personalization challenges your business may have is overcome and you achieve a more qualified and promising lead ready to convert.

Arrange your best sales team

Group best minds because today customers need direct and instant response. Customers are impressed with the marketer’s competence to resolve their issues before they get a chance to explain. Creating a cross-functional sales and marketing team from regional and national to global level increases the chances to attain a faultless performance. 

Concentrate on content

Not being able to resolve consumers’ issues and simplifying their tasks is a waste of effort and resources. So, your created content needs to be outcome-driven. The content created needs to address consumers’ challenges instead of a sales pitch. 

Content wins in the B2B marketplace as it is capable to deliver value to the consumers. If the content contains specifications-only then the chances it goes undetected are more. B2B market is becoming more content centric. High-quality content is capable to engage more and more audiences. It directly answers consumers’ issues and you covered more than 75% of the sales-purchase channel. Content can be created in different forms including –

  • Blogs
  • Emails
  • Videos
  • Case studies
  • Quizzes
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics

Any kind of the above content form is capable of generating qualified leads but it needs to be creative in addressing customers’ pain points.

Reach out using multiple channels

Customers are distributed and you can access them via various platforms. Every marketing channel has its pros and cons, so prepare accordingly. B2B marketing can be incorporated in different ways including –

  • Email marketing – Emails rank 2nd as a leading content form in B2B marketing landscape. You need to compile or purchase an email list. Encouraging a subscription to your newsletter is a great way to create an email list. Customers can also be influenced to subscribe and gain notifications about the latest industry news of trends updates. 
  • Website optimization – Customers visit your business website, so optimize it for search engines to create visibility and leads. Identify the webpage that receives more traffic and insert a call-to-action button or a form on that page, so that potential visitors can follow your social media profile or sign in. 
  • Build social media presence – More than 5 million Singaporeans are active on social media. Choose the social media platform suitable to your goals and preferences. For B2B, LinkedIn is a perfect choice. Choose any kind of social platform, but make sure to grab consumers’ attention by publishing regular and relevant content. Even respond to their interactions and comments, whenever needed. 

Monitor marketing progress

Marketing on different social media channels will need monitoring activities to keep track of the progress. You can identify which platforms to avoid and where to invest. The sales team gains an insight into where to offer quality and quantity. If you ignore keeping track of your marketing campaign progress can make your budget go haywire!