How to Use Apple Pay in Store

how to use apple pay in store

As technology advances, so do our payment methods. Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc. that allows users to make payments using an iPhone, Apple Watch, or newer Apple devices. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps on how to use Apple Pay in stores.

Before You Begin: Set Up Apple Pay

Before you can use Apple Pay, you need to set it up on your device.

  1. Open Wallet App: On your iPhone, open the Wallet app.
  2. Add a Card: Tap the plus sign or “Add” button. Follow the prompts to add a credit or debit card. You might need to download an app from your bank if it’s required.
  3. Verification: Depending on your bank, you might need to verify your information.
  4. Default Card: If you add multiple cards, you can choose which one is the default for payments. Go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay, then tap Default Card and choose one.

Now that you’ve set up Apple Pay, let’s move on to using it in stores.

Using Apple Pay with Your iPhone:

  1. Look for the Symbol: Check if the store accepts Apple Pay. Look for the Apple Pay or contactless payment symbols near the card reader.
  2. Unlock Your iPhone: To use Apple Pay, your device must be unlocked. You can unlock it using Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode.
  3. Initiate Payment: Hold the top of your iPhone within a few centimeters of the contactless reader.
  4. Authorize with Touch ID or Face ID: If you have Touch ID, rest your finger on it. If you have Face ID, double-click the side button and then glance at your iPhone. For a passcode device, enter your passcode.
  5. Wait for the Confirmation: After you authorize the payment, keep your iPhone near the reader until you see “Done” and a checkmark on the display.

Using Apple Pay with Your Apple Watch:

  1. Check for Compatibility: Similar to using an iPhone, check if the store accepts Apple Pay.
  2. Double-Click the Side Button: Double-click the side button on your Apple Watch to bring up your cards.
  3. Swipe to Choose a Card: If you want to use a different card than your default, swipe left or right to choose one.
  4. Hold Near Reader: Hold your Apple Watch near the contactless reader.
  5. Wait for Confirmation: Wait until you feel a gentle tap and hear a beep, indicating the payment was successful.

A Few Tips:

  • Switch Cards: If you want to use a non-default card, on your iPhone, when you’re near the contactless reader, tap your default card and then choose another card.
  • Review Transactions: You can review your recent transactions in the Wallet app.
  • Country or Region: Apple Pay may not be available in all countries or regions, so check if it’s supported where you are.


Apple Pay offers a fast, secure, and contactless way to pay in stores. Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Apple Watch, the process is designed to be intuitive. Next time you’re in a store that accepts Apple Pay, give it a try!