How to Find the Right Channel of Communication to Get Involved in Sales Engagement


A common mistake many people make when starting to expand their business through direct communication with customers is to use every available avenue of communication. In a world where information noise has become one of the problems in the lives of just about every person on the planet, this approach doesn’t work.

To hear a similar offer through a social network, a phone call and an e-mail at the same time is not the best option. It’s more likely to get rejection through such methods. If the user protests, he will simply cross the company off the list of potential recipients and stop accepting even valuable and useful offers.

Therefore, it is important to choose a channel of communication which is ideal for the message. And try to change the methods of communication only when the previous method obviously does not work. Or when the user himself offers another variant of communication.

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How do you choose the perfect channel to communicate with your customer?

Everything is simple enough, but you still must work at it. You can start with the information about the buyer. If the user is active in a social network or several – marketers should go straight to these networks. Messages and appeals should be sent through them.

However, you should distinguish between those social networks where only entertainment content is distributed and social networks such as LinkedIn. On this social network, you should be prepared for the fact that the message can have an instant reaction, because its principle is built on the interaction of professionals. Therefore, when sending a message through LinkedIn or a similar network, you should prepare channels for quick communication:

  • notifications with an instant response to the request;
  • a message about an offline consultation, and so on.

However, social networks are not always the most popular way to communicate. More often, people try to communicate by passing information from person to person.

Communication over the phone.

This communication is a separate and complex process, in which the company’s call center specialist often plays a major role. It is a successful communication that determines how effective the sale is, how realistic it is to gain market expansion. For such communication, call center employees must possess several important qualities:

  • have a clear algorithm of conversation and sequence of actions;
  • know the exact answers to the most common questions, including the purchase of goods or important details about their properties;
  • use expressions and words which will show loyalty to the client and will not cause aggression.

Communicating over the phone or through social media with video and sound, can be a basic position to increase sales and interaction.