How To Choose A Dress Shirt With 4 Simple Tips


Many people simplify the men’s wardrobe, saying that all outfits like the mens quilted vest are the same and that it’s easy to dress when you’re a man. But make no mistake: some details can make or break a masculine look. Do you know, for example, how to choose a dress shirt?

One of the essential pieces in any man’s closet, the dress shirt can give sobriety or simplicity, depending on how it is used. Also, if you don’t have the proper cut for your body, it can make you look sloppy. We know that, no matter how informal your work, there are times when it is indispensable. So be careful when buying yours! In this post, we separate 4 fundamental tips for choosing your dress shirt right. Pay attention to them!

  1. Pay Attention To The Shirt Collar

The first point of attention that you should have when choosing a dress shirt is the one that people usually see first when they meet you on any occasion: the collar. The right size is the one that stays close to the neck without squeezing it. Close the last button and place a finger between the neck and the collar to find out the measurement. If you’re comfortable, you’re right.

You should also choose the model according to usage. If you’re going to wear a tie, for example, don’t buy a dress shirt with an American collar, which has a button at the end of the collar. Also, don’t forget to tuck it inside your coat or blazer — never outside! Finally, if you’re not wearing a tie, leave the first two buttons open.

  1. Know How To Check The Fit

To know how to choose a dress shirt with a good fit, some details are observed. One of them is the wrist: it cannot be too tight. The correct measure is one where, with the button closed, you can put a watch under your sleeve. Also, check that the sleeve does not catch your arm when you bend it.

Some shirts have a pleat in the back that helps improve your movement. Another point that almost no man pays attention to, but that makes the biggest difference when choosing the best product: avoid plastic buttons. In the most elegant shirts, they are made of mother-of-pearl, more resistant.

To make sure the shirt isn’t too big, check the shoulders. Her vertical line should be where her arm starts and her shoulder ends. Too close to the neck means it’s small. The shoulder line dropped too much means it’s too big and looks sloppy.

  1. Note The Length Of The Shirt

Want to know if your dress shirt is the correct length? Take it out of your pants and stretch your arms up. If the belly appears, you can discard the product. The most suitable size for the dress shirt is the length just below the belt. On the arm, it should also be the right length. Put on the shirt and close the cufflinks. Stretch your arms down and watch: your shirt sleeve should end with that rounded bone in your wrist.