How To Build A Successful SEO Team


The advancements in technology have provided a path for the creation of digital communication platforms. Hence, the global community has been given different digital channels, which can be accessed easily to get updates from their friends and family, entertain themselves, and research and locate their needed products and services effortlessly. 

Accordingly, businesses have seen the rampant use of digital platforms by consumers as an opportunity to reach more people and broaden their market. Various companies have implemented search engine optimization to get more customers and prospectors interested in your products or services. Employing this strategy as one of your digital marketing plans can make your website easily visible to users who search a keyword related to a product or services on search engines. 

However, like other marketing campaigns, executing an SEO strategy cannot be done by one person only; it has to have a team. So, to see it succeed and make your business’s website rank high on search engines, you must create an SEO team that can implement it correctly and strategically. It will help you if you are meticulous on how you proceed with building your SEO team. So, before actually creating one, you must have a rigorous plan to settle different aspects of assembling people for your marketing strategy. 

Your budget is the first thing you must determine before creating your team. It should be based on different factors, such as your current position, how your website compared to your competitors, and how fast your progress should be. It is crucial to make sure that you set an amount that you can afford to be used for at least 4 to 12 months. Additionally, it should be an overall digital marketing budget; therefore, you must indicate how much of the fund is allocated for your SEO strategy and other digital marketing efforts, such as social media, email marketing, and paid searches. To know the portion of your budget to allocate for your social media marketing, you may start inquiring into how much to advertise in Facebook in the Philippines

After establishing your overall digital marketing budget, you can now determine the goals you want to achieve with your SEO strategy. It could include getting raw traffic to your website, increasing e-commerce sales, and gaining better brand recognition and awareness. Consequently, it would give you the chance to understand which SEO roles must be included in your team’s organizational structure. It should consist of people who can create content for your site, craft the look and branding of your company, promote content and get links for your website, turn designs into codes to publish online, and maintain the brand relationship by reaching out to people. 

Furthermore, they must be able to generate leads or improve your pages’ conversion results, increasing your business’s products or services sales. However, if you think you would need another pair of hands for this task, you may select a lead generation agency in the Philippines to gain more conversions. 

Selecting the right people who could implement your different marketing plans, such as SEO strategy, can help you achieve your business’s goals without overspending resources. This infographic by TopSEOs may provide you an idea on how to build an SEO team that can fulfill your marketing goals, making your business succeed. 

How to Build a Successful SEO Team