Different Types of Pallet Systems  


If you look at the market, then you will be surprised to know the variety of pallet changers that are available. No matter what is your business, if you have a warehouse then a pallet inverter becomes an indispensable asset to you. Pallet inverters have become famous because of the utility that they offer. Since pallets have become ubiquitous, so have pallet inverters.

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Different types of pallet systems

There are multiple pallet systems available on the market. Let’s discuss a few of them:

1- Pallet changer- a pallet changer is a machine, which applies the pressure on the goods sideways and first clamps the products together and then lifts them from their pallet surface. For this method to be followed, robust packing and stability in the packing are required.

You can apply this mode of packing only if you have a symmetrical packing method like a cube box or carton. If there is a box or a container which sticks out, then the whole product can be damaged. The acquisition cost of the machine is high and it has a long payback period.

2- Pallet inverter – a pallet inverter is a machine which inverts the pallets 180 degrees. Since the goods will be packed upside down, you must ensure that they are packed absolutely and tightly. It is found in a majority of warehouses these days. There are many benefits while using this system because you can easily replace the broken pallet.

However, there are some negative aspects as well. In case you have stored a few delicate commodities or ones that can only be kept upright like dairy products or liquids, then inverting the pallet can cause damage to all the goods. There are different types of pallet inverters in the market and each of them has its own set of benefits.

3- Pallet turner – the pallet turners are the systems which turn the complete pallet to one side corner. Once the pallets are freed from the goods, they can be removed by hand manually.


There are different pallet systems available in the market depending on your need in the business. If you are planning to buy a pallet inverter, then consider Top Industries once. You should follow on Linkedin for more information.