The Billion Dollar Packaging Industry


Folding carton packaging is kicking off the retail packaging industry more than a hundred years ago, and is currently a billion-dollar industry today. Most commercial packing boxes, also known as cartons, are typically made of wood, metal or a combination of these materials. There are also specialty boxes like those that are used for food or cosmetic products, and for medical or health items.

One important thing to know about folding cartons is that they can be used for nearly any product. Medical and health products, for example, require special packaging to keep sterile and safe. Food safety is of extreme importance in food processing plants, food service, and even in some grocery stores. All of these products use a folding carton style of packaging. Many grocery stores use them to stock their shelves with goods.

With so many choices for packaging boxes available today, there is no reason to pay more than you have to for the right type of carton for your particular needs. If you have standard stock sizes of cartons, they can be purchased at almost any large box store. The cost of shipping these boxes is usually extremely low, as well. Smaller sized boxes, available at warehouse clubs and internet sites, cost a little more but will be able to meet your company’s packaging needs. Before making any decisions, consider how much weight and volume your company will be shipping per month and purchase the appropriate size boxes.

There are different types of packaging that suit different purposes. For example, for very small products, corrugated boxes may be best. Larger items, like bottles, should be packed using heavy duty boxes that are manufactured specifically to package certain products. Carton boxes can also be fitted with a lid that has an opening for different types of product packaging, including vacuum seal bags. If you are in the manufacturing, assembly or packaging portion of a company, your packaging supplies company may be able to help you with more specific needs, such as plastic cutting boards.

You can get packaging boxes in a variety of different materials, including wood, corrugated cardboard, flexible corrugated plastic, metal and folding cartons. All are useful for different applications, but if you need to ship products in bulk, you should purchase folding cartons. These boxes are not only easier to ship than rigid boxes, but they are cheaper as well. Folding cartons are commonly used in food processing plants and other places that ship products in bulk.

If you are interested in the manufacturing and assembly of products, then you should know about corrugated and rigid packaging. These types of cartons are popular in the food processing industry. Some other types of cartons are available in the marketplace, including those that have been used in the paper and plastic industry for decades. Many different types of companies use different types of packaging boxes in their business. Whether you are a small company that just makes certain products, or you are involved in the manufacturing, assembly and packaging industry, you likely use one or more packaging boxes. Knowing about the different types of boxes is a great way to find the right boxes to fit your unique needs.