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Online Banking: Skip The Queues & Keep The Discounts


What ignites in your mind after facing a long week of exasperating work? While many may incline toward taking a small break and opting for a long nap, enthusiasts would jump with excitement on spending their weekend with some self-treats, such as holidays, activities, etc. However, the world is full of such enthusiasts; hence, for every escape you turn toward, you would be greeted with long queues that act like a thorn in the bush. It exploits little to no time for your enjoyment; in fact, research says that an average person spends more than three hundred hours in their youth waiting in lines.

Be it the ticket counters for travel, amusement parks, or even in the banks for opening a  savings account, every first step begins with a queue. Although it may seem trivial, the compounding effect of the time wasted amounts to a huge number. The most optimal route to avoid the hassle of standing in queues is to adopt the services and features of online banking and payments. From booking facilities at well-known escape plans and places, you can pay seamlessly without going through any troubles and tribulations.

The Traditional Vs. Online

Attributing to the advancement of technology, the traditional modes of payment have lessened, and individuals and businesses alike have begun accepting all online payment methods, especially through banking apps. With the facilitation of payment gateways and portals, the luxury of transferring money from one bank to another through mobile banking apps, as well as the ability to open bank account online, has been a boon in this busy economy. From small-scale startups to large-scale MNCs & businesses, every store places an online mode of payment over the traditional ones.

The convenience of online banking and payments, including the facility to bank account open online, extends even with skipping the tedious process of writing checks and having the money deposited after several days, stretching an entire week. Additionally, it was also associated with the risk of carrying and handling huge sums of cash. However, online mobile banking carries a 24 x 7 period facility for the entire year through features such as NEFT, RTGS, etc.; the money settlement takes place within a matter of minutes.

Additional Features

Are the queues all about buying tickets? Of course not; these applications have got you covered, from apply credit card online to payment of dues, such as loan repayments, insurance, fixed deposits, and mutual funds’ investments. Individuals can take care of all these dues and payments with a single click and through a single platform. Consequently, it also embraces the promotion of online shopping and venues offering online ticketing services on its website.

The cherry on the cake is the alluring offers and discounts presented by these applications to users, including enticing deals available on credit card online apply, which only compel them to acknowledge digitalization. Several banking applications have a tie-up with a plethora of brands that provide in-app discounts and cash back upon every purchase to the user. Ultimately, mobile banking has been a savior of both time and money for its users, thereby easing their lives.


Today’s lifestyle demands prompt solutions, and most problems are solved with speedy online solutions. As a result, individuals no longer worry about hurrying to get their favorite seat in a movie or running out of luck from getting a ticket due to the prospect of being oversold. No queues, no dues, simply a subject of amusement.