All that You Need to Know About Ball Bearing


As far as selecting a ball bearing is concerned, one should be careful enough to go with the right and best brand of the lot. There are plenty of brands out there but some of them turns out to be of low quality. The best thing to do would be to involve in some research and choose over the right ball bearing that is from reputed brand. Parts from reputed brands would always turn out to be reliable and trustworthy and the best part is that it also provides for the necessary services from time to time unlike parts from non brands. 

Know what causes ball bearing damage

Ball bearing damange could happen for a number of reasons and this includes using too much grease or too little grease. Using the wrong grease would also amount to damage. The best thing to do would be to choose appropriate parts with proper grease to use so that it stays in best working conditions for longer duration of time. Yet another major reason is the improper assembly and disassembly of the parts by technicians. Some would use hammer on ball bearings while fixing or removing it and this could permanently damage it and brings down its functions. The concerned technician needs to make use of the right tools that are specifically designed for this purpose. Last but not the least, when the machine itself is facing a lot of problems then it would eventually affect the ball bearing as well.

Deterioration stages

There are different deterioration stages of the ball bearing and each stage would cause a specific set of problem. This includes first degree, second degree and third degree deterioration of the ball bearing part. At the third level, it would become too difficult to handle. In these levels, the work is compromised to a great extent and it would cause a lot of noise when running. Make sure to inspect the ball bearing on a regular basis so that the machine stays in best working conditions. Also, ensure to change the ball bearing from normal one to reputed brand for better outcome. 

Types of ball bearing

As far as ball bearings are concerned, there are different types of these available in the market. One should first check and know which one best suits your functionality and then go for it. The different types of ball bearing includes,

  • Plain
  • Deep groove
  • Angular contact spherical type
  • Thrust ball bearing
  • Cylindrical roller bearing 
  • Self aligning round grain model
  • Tappered type
  • Spherical roller model
  • Spherical roller thrust model
  • Needle roller bearing

Each of these ball bearing has got its own set of functionalities and is used on machines as required. Make sure to check through the parts and its service thoroughly before coming to make a decision as to which one you are planning to buy for your specific machine. TMS turns out to be the best ball bearing distributor (ร้าน ขาย ลูกปืน, term in Thai) of the lot so check it out.