3 Brand Identity Myths That Will Bring Your Business Down


Branding is usually thrown around frequently without people knowing what it entails. A brand identity is what represents you to your consumer. Brand identity consists of various elements like logo, business card, envelope, letterhead, and other visual elements that play an important role in your business success. It also involves choices you make in your business, like the implementation of a sustainable packaging solution to your business. However, many people have mistaken beliefs about their brand identities that can bring their business down, and below are three of them.

Anyone Can Design My Logo

Most people make the mistake of thinking that anyone, including their family members who have taken basic design classes, can design their logo. This is not usually the case, and this is a part of your business that needs to be left to the professionals. Your log needs to be symbolic and meaningful; it is going to be a long-term identity of your business, and getting a professional designer at the forefront of the design should be a priority for you.

Trusting a friend or a family member with something essential to your business is dangerous to your business growth. It requires unique skills and has to do with your brand identity. Your logo is the key to your marketing success because it tells your customers who you are. If you believe in sustainable packaging solutions, your logo needs to reflect that and show your customers you care about the environment. A poorly designed logo and business card can bring your business down.

It’s Too Pricey to Design a Custom Identity for Your Brand

Marketing can be expensive, but sometimes without the right brand identity, it can become even more costly. There are many things that affect your brand identity, and if it is low quality and a common design, clients might find it hard to take you seriously. A top-quality, custom brand identity speaks for itself and will help make back the money spent at the end of the day. A custom brand identity automatically draws in clients who are impressed by your logo or business card. Although it can be pricey to design a custom identity for your brand, it will help the business flourish and grow with time.

There Is No Need For A Brand Identity

A common myth in the business world is that you don’t need a brand identity; this is entirely false. A brand identity is as important as other essential aspects of the business like the name, funds, and several others. It is crucial for marketing and also for the promotion of the business. Even if you’re proactive about the safety of the environment and have implemented sustainable packaging into your business, people wouldn’t take you seriously without a top-quality professional brand identity. All top companies have an identity; it is important to gain the trust of potential clients.