What Time Does US Bank Open

what time does us bank open

US Bank is one of the largest banks in the United States, with thousands of branches and ATMs across the country. Its services range from personal banking and mortgages to wealth management and business services. If you’re planning on visiting a US Bank branch, it’s important to know their hours of operation. This article will provide a general guide on when US Bank typically opens its doors, but please note that hours can vary by location and day of the week. As of my last update in September 2021, here are the typical opening hours for US Bank branches.

General Opening Hours

For many US Bank locations, the following hours are standard:

  • Monday to Thursday: Most branches open at 9:00 AM.
  • Friday: Some branches also open at 9:00 AM, but others may open a bit earlier, at 8:30 AM, to accommodate the higher number of transactions often made on paydays.
  • Saturday: Many branches have shorter hours on Saturdays, often opening at 9:00 AM.
  • Sunday: Some branches are open for a few hours, typically in the afternoon, but many are closed all day Sunday.

These are general hours and may vary. For example, branches in busy urban areas may open earlier and close later, while those in smaller towns may have shorter hours. Additionally, hours can be different for drive-thru services.

How to Find Specific Branch Hours

To find the exact opening hours for a specific US Bank branch, use the ‘Locations’ feature on the US Bank website. Enter your city and state, or ZIP code, to get a list of branches near you. Each branch listing should include its specific hours of operation. Alternatively, you can call the branch directly for its hours.

Online and Mobile Banking

Remember, even when physical branches are closed, you still have access to many banking services. US Bank offers online banking and a mobile app, both of which allow you to check balances, transfer funds, deposit checks, pay bills, and more, 24/7.


US Bank typically opens at 9:00 AM on most weekdays and Saturdays, though this can vary by location and service type. Always check the specific hours for your branch on the US Bank website or by phone. And don’t forget the convenience of online and mobile banking for managing your accounts outside of normal banking hours.