The impact of Covid19 on AGM


Conducting a profitable Annual General Meeting (AGM) of shareholders needs comprehensive planning and coordination. It can be especially difficult for those who are fresh to the system and may not ever have clear guidance about what is encompassed in an annual meeting and what to do mainly as meeting day approaches.

Whether you are a mature specialist or organizing your first meeting, here you are planned to be a resource and practical guide, so you can streamline the planning procedure and observe annual shareholder meeting provisions and the steps and procedures required to have a well-run annual meeting.

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The main reason behind annual meetings is to enable shareholders to appoint directors who are credible for the supervision of the company and its strategic path. In extension, shareholders may be inquired to vote on issues recommended by management or by some other shareholders. The kind and locale of the meeting help assume some of the logistical considerations. For example, if the meeting will be on corporation premises, company resources will be utilized for the most portions, although extra security or parking assistants may be employed. If the meeting will be carried out at a hotel or hall, you will require inferring what resources are usable from the location, what your wants are, and then arrange for all of them. If you carry a mixed meeting, the location must have valid high-speed internet access and sufficient technical assistance. These logistics have to be gauged to your company and your meeting.


There are commonly three categories of meetings a company could select to hold:

In-person, Virtual, or a hybrid of the two

Traditionally, annual shareholder meetings were ever performed in person. With the inception of virtual meeting technology, even previous to the COVID-19 pandemic, increasingly firms have been shifting to virtual shareholder conferences, or in some cases, a hybrid conference that integrates an in-person meeting with a virtual meeting to enable enormous shareholder participation.

The Impacts of COVID-19 on Annual Meetings

As an outcome of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that started up early in 2020 and continued during the 2021 proxy season, many corporations promptly shifted their annual meetings online to maintain everyone involved in the meetings safe. If essential, state legislators also moved rapidly to modify their statutes to enable forces approved processes and virtual annual meetings to facilitate notice to shareholders of a modification to a virtual meeting. It is inclined that even after the consequences of the pandemic have eased, many corporations will proceed to hold their meetings virtually as an outcome of the advantages of doing so.

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The following summary will accentuate the key issues to be analyzed when inferring the form of the annual meeting.

If your company has performance and achievement issues, corporate administration, or other challenges, a conventional in-person meeting or even a hybrid meeting may be greatly reasonable determining no community health concerns. The nature of your company’s business may also be a component of the conclusion.

Given the movements in technologies and shareholder intentions, some companies are reexamining the form their annual meeting should take going ahead. Some newer corporations only know virtual conferences, never having clasped an in-person meeting.