Roof Cleaning Safety And Care



The roof is one of the most important stages of construction and is one of the importance of maintenance for your roof, as it is the cover that provides thermal and acoustic comfort and protects the structures from water, wind, sun, and dust. Here are what you should know about roof cleaning safety and care:

Use Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is essential for cleaning the roof. They must be used by professionals hired to carry out the service and by yourself if you intend to do the cleaning yourself. This safety equipment guarantees protection and can prevent serious accidents like falling from the roof. For starters, get a pair of rubber-soled boots. No flip-flops or shoes with laces that can lead to trips and falls. It is also essential to wear rubber gloves, ensuring that you can support yourself safely without the risk of losing your balance or slipping your hand. Straps, goggles, and helmets are also important in job safety.

Protect The Roof’s Surroundings

Another necessary care is to protect the roof’s surroundings, that is, the entire region below the roof that may suffer from falling objects or chemicals. To protect floors and coverings, use a tarp or even cardboard. For gardens, make a fabric cover to keep dirt, debris, and chemicals from getting on the plants.

Avoid Sunny Days

Roof cleaning should preferably be carried out on cloudy days and mild temperatures. This is because the heat and direct sun can cause stains on the tiles, making cleaning difficult.

Beware Of The Rain

If you notice the formation of rain during the roof cleaning work, the best thing to do is to postpone the end of the service until the next day. It is very dangerous to be exposed to the roof on rainy days. Strong winds can cause falls and accidents, not to mention the risk of being struck by lightning.

How Often Should Roof Cleaning Be Done?

Roof cleaning should be done approximately once a year, except when dry cleaning is performed, as this cleaning lasts longer.

Generally, it is easy to see when the roof needs a good cleaning. Just notice if there is a formation of slime and mold on the tiles. Another strong indication of the time to clean the roof is possible leaks and infiltrations in the slab and walls. Call us today for a satisfied roof cleaning job.