Is it worth buying a rosin press?


Certain types of cannabis are gaining legality in many countries. With medicinal and recreational cannabis becoming legal, the cannabis industry is finally opening up and contributing to the economy. To make these legal, the laws around this industry have changed a lot too. The legal production of weed has led to a rise in the cannabis equipment industry too. The two most important cannabis equipment are – the dry herb vaporizer and the rosin press. Let us understand what a LeDab Sasquash rosin press is. It is a unique-looking device that creates cannabis concentrates. The machine uses heat and pressure to create rosin or cannabis concentrate from the dry herb. 

Why is it worth buying a rosin press?

  • Rosin technology has a low learning curve: The best part of a rosin press is the simplicity of the technology. Though there are manual presses, bigger industries are using automated rosin presses like pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric presses. The process gets, even more, simpler with this and gives greater efficiency and output. Businesses do not need to spend time and resources on training their staff as it is pretty simple to learn. 
  • Improved efficiency and safety: Rosin press extraction is safer compared to solvent-based extracts that are dangerous to produce and can lead to deadly explosions due to the use of volatile materials. This means rosin press technology provides greater safety and protection to workers from injuries. The businesses using rosin press face less red tape compared to the ones using solvents.
  • Extremely versatile: A rosin press can produce a wide range of products. It can produce any kind of cannabis concentrate like crumble, shatter, budder, and much more, using solventless extraction. The rosin can also be combined with other materials to produce edible cannabis products and topical ointments. 
  • Adaptable: Rosin can be produced from any type of cannabis and its parts like flowers, sift, hash, and kief. This makes the technology more adaptable as you do not have to specifically depend on one raw material. 

The manufacturing process of rosin using a rosin press is simple. The dry herb is placed on a slab and the device forces another slab down on it using heat and pressure to get the rosin concentrate. The “rosing press technology” is gaining more popularity as it has many key benefits compared to the others. Therefore, if you are planning to set up a cannabis processing facility, then always consider using the rosin press technology.